Your preferred PPE & Workwear consultants

At All Guard Safety, our team of PPE & Workwear consultants work with our clients on a daily basis, delivering solutions to ensure Kiwi’s get home safely to their families.

Partnering with All Guard Safety opens a wide network of industry knowledge, experience and best product applications – to allow you and your team to safely and productively deliver results. Being out in the field exposed to harsh environments, in the workshop or production line, or driving vehicles or machinery, we understand you need gear that works. Gear that is compliant. And, we know that it’s not one type fits all.

Partnering with All Guard Safety for Complete Uniform Procurement & Distribution, made easy!

Taking a dynamic, yet systematic approach, allows our consultants to have a holistic view of your PPE & Workwear requirements. We’ve found this to be the most effective and beneficial approach for our clients, allowing us to quickly and easily identify cost and time savings. Take our Work Kit™ system for example – having a bulk uniform rollout using our Work Kit™ system, gave our client an instant time saving of 90% with their uniform distribution. Now that is impressive.

Get in touch with our team today. Book in with one of our consultants, for a free assessment of your current requirements, to see what savings we can bring to your organisation. Free Phone 0800 255 482 or Email

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