5 Top Tips for Working Safe this Summer

Working through the summer heat poses risks that are somewhat unseen. Being smart and hydrated, can be the difference between working safe, and the risk of dehydration, heat stress or at worst, death. Read on, for our 5 top tips for working safe this summer.


1. Stay Hydrated:

Be wise with your drinking and avoid sugary and caffeine drinks, as these increase water loss. Electrolyte drinks are a smart way to stay hydrated as these will replenish lost electrolytes quickly and keep you performing at your peak. The Thorzt range of electrolyte drinks come in a range of flavours as well as low-GI and sugar-free. Choose a low-GI option for sustained energy release, or sugar-free for carb-free electrolyte replenishment.


2. Wear the right clothing for the job:

Be smart with your clothing options – choosing lightweight garments. This promotes airflow to help keep the body cooler while at work. We have a range of ventilated garments, such as the Rugged Cooling range. These have mesh ventilation in critical areas such as across the back and under arms on shirts.
Thorzt’s range of cooling products such as cooling towels & neck ties can be worn to help regulate your core temperature when performing physically demanding work in the heat.


3. Take Regular Breaks:

Ensure to schedule in regular rest periods and water breaks in a shaded or air-conditioned area.


4. Slip Slop Slap

When you’re sweating for long hours out in the melting sun, you need to ensure your sunscreen is water resistant, long lasting and covers you with the highest possible levels of UV protection. Our ProBloc SPF50+ sunscreen meets all of these requirements and is designed specifically for the Australian & NZ market.


5. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Where possible, schedule harder work and physically demanding tasks for cooler parts of the day. When this is unavoidable, consider sharing the load or rotating with another team member. Ensure adequate work-rest cycles (See #3) are in place, check the forecast at the start of each day and adjust the work-rest cycles accordingly.


All Guard Safety is passionate about making New Zealand a safer place, so Kiwi’s can get home to their families, every day. Being smart this summer by simply assessing and identifying any potential risks that your team may be faced with, could be the ultimate saver to getting home safely. Contact our team of safety specialists today – to see how we can help implement solutions for smart summer safety.
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About the author / Melisa Capper