Is dehydration in the workplace, a silent killer?

With just 3% dehydration, the heart rate increases by 12bpm and performance is reduced by 25-50%.  Reaction time is also slowed to the equivalent of a blood/alcohol reading of 0.08 – 60% above the legal drink/driving limit… this graphic statistic shows the fatigue that dehydration can cause.

The importance of keeping employees on the worksite hydrated properly is becoming more and more apparent.  Workers suffering from heat stress on the worksite is not only a detriment to the work environment, it is very dangerous – as pointed out in the statistic above.

We recommend arming your employees with THORZT electrolyte replacement drink.  It is important to remember, this shouldn’t take the place of water – it is recommended to have 1 THORZT drink to 3 waters.  THORZT has been engineered for the industrial workplace by David Rhodes, THORZT’s own inhouse athlete (4th K2 1000m at 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games).  David knows a thing or two about the importance of keeping hydrated, and the science behind it.

THORZT electrolyte replacement drink is a Hypotonic which means it provides ‘rapid rehydration’ and will absorb faster than water.  THORZT contains essential ingredients including:

  • Amino Acids (isoleucine, leucine, valine & l-glutamine)

Often described as the ‘building blocks of life’.  The body uses amino acids to make proteins for efficient bodily functions.  They can also be used as a source of energy by the body.

They are broken down into three groups:

  1. Essential Amino Acids (also known as branch chain amino acids – BCAAs)
  2. Nonessential Amino Acids
  3. Conditional Amino Acids

BCAAs play an essential role in protein synthesis and muscle building, accounting for over a third of Essential Amino Acids.

  • Proprietary Electrolyte Formula – including Magnesium

A common result of strenuous physical activity is magnesium loss.  According to research, a deficiency in magnesium may reduce physical performance and capacity as well as contribute to muscle cramps and weakness.  Magnesium has earned the nickname ‘The Forgotten Electrolyte’ as many so-called ‘sport drinks’ neglect to include magnesium in their ingredients.

  • B & C Group Vitamins

To assist in aiding recovery time


There are two variants within the THORZT range:

  • Low GI, Low Sugar:

This is a fantastic option for those who might already be using other rehydration drinks in the marketplace and with it, consuming approx. 1kg or more of sugar per month.  The THORZT Low GI, Low Sugar range has approx. half the amount of sugar than other similar products in the marketplace.

  • Sugar Free:

This is a perfect alternative to the Low GI, Low Sugar range – tastes as good, if not better and is obviously perfectly suited to those suffering with diabetes etc or concerned about their sugar intake.

All THORZT is gluten free, caffeine free and does not contain or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.  There are numerous serving options for ease of use and less wastage.


View our range of THORZT Hydration Products online here.


At All Guard, we are passionate about kiwis getting home safely to their families. We can assist you in seeing if THORZT is the right option for your organisation. Contact the team today – FREE PHONE 0800 255 482  or EMAIL’d love to hear from you.

About the author / Melisa Capper