Benefits of Branded Workwear for your Team

Supplying your workforce in branded clothing can offer greater benefit than your team looking good, and being compliant. On a daily basis, we are surrounded by people in branded uniforms – whether it be flight attendants, shop staff, industrial workers, or sports teams on the field…

Each All Black is kitted in the same gear, whether on the field for a test match, or out training. All team players are uniform (please mind the pun). Bringing this concept to your team, can create a better culture of team spirit and belonging in your workplace. As a result, that culture breeds positivity and increases productivity. Not only will this culture and personal attitude overflow outside of work, but also increase return on investment for you. As Richie McCaw said in 2011, about the All Blacks jersey, “…it’s still something I’m very proud to wear.” This shows the immense responsibility in wearing an All Blacks jersey.

For Kiwis, one of the things dearest to our hearts is not only the game of rugby, but the All Blacks brand. Each time they are at training or an international match, the branded garments are in our faces yet again. Having branded uniforms for your team, is a highly cost effective form of advertising. With your team constantly interacting with customers, suppliers or the general public, this is an easy win at getting your brand identity out there. Some marketers have referred to branded company clothing as ‘walking billboards’.

As we know, the numbers on the back of rugby jerseys, relate to the players position on the field, and their responsibilities within the game. Some of our clients have replicated the ‘jersey number’ idea within their teams. From the supervisor’s office, they are able to see their team at a glance, and whether the number ‘10’ guy is on duty, or in the right place. Another idea could be using different coloured uniforms within different divisions. One of our clients use the ‘orange team’ and ‘yellow team’ concept – orange clothing for their drivers and yellow clothing for their manufacturing team for example. The opportunities are endless.

Whether it be jersey numbering, or orange/yellow teams, another point to consider along with team uniforms and branding, is Health & Safety compliance in the workplace. With multiple hazards in the workplace, it is vital that staff, and by extension the company, are correctly protected – for example, branding TTMC-W garments within the compliancy regulations.

At All Guard, we are passionate about making New Zealand a safer place, so kiwis can get home safely to their families. Contact the team today to see how we can help you! By enhancing your productivity, getting your team home safe, with the correct PPE and Workwear for your industry.

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About the author / Melisa Capper